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Enclosed Echoes 
Cotton fabric, cotton thread, ceramic piece, black-locust wood. Wooden cube created in collaboration with Estúdio Morto Vivo, Porto, Portugal
85 x 85 x 85cm, 2024


Held breath
Shown at the Biennale Objet Textile#4 at La Manufacture, Roubaix, France
Mixed sourced fabrics – linen, cotton, poly-cotton, cotton thread, wooden frame
200 x 200 x 250cm, 2024

My body is an island
Shown at the Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
Linen fabric, cotton threat, wooden dowling
120 x 140 x 140cm, 2023

Tales from tall stones
Shown at Hotelier-O, Porto, Portugal
Reclaimed mixed fabrics, acrylic paint, embroidery thread, ink, wooden dowel
85 x 85 x 50cm, 2022

Strangers – series
Ink, acrylic paint, embroidery thread
12 x 18cm, 2023

In between dreams
Cotton fabric, cotton thread, wooden frame
35 x 35 x 20cm, 2023

Layered moon
Ink, acrylic paint, nylon thread, cotton embroidery thread, cotton
25 x 35cm, 2022

Marks of time (series)
Acrylic paint, cotton embroidery thread, cotton fabric
22 x 22cm, 2023

Acrylic paint, cotton embroidery thread, cotton fabric
30 x 45cm, 2022