I am a fibre artist living and working in Porto. Within my work, I use reclaimed and repurposed materials, predominantly cotton and linen within 2D pieces – combining stitch techniques with paint. And 3D pieces – creating constructed vessels and abstract forms using fibre techniques.

I explore a dialogue between the controlled and the free, capturing the dynamic characteristics of our evolving lives. The work can resemble transformations of nature, the forms are to capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories and expectations.

Working with fibre has endless possibilities both in technique and form. I am continually looking at new ways of using it and I enjoy exploring the ‘taming’ of some materials and the ‘wilding’ of others.

I have spent many years learning traditional, very precise textile techniques, such as bobbin lace, and finds ways to recreate them in a contemporary context. Re-imagining what is possible with the technique and creating a dialogue between material and form to reach something unexpected and ‘untamed’.

In late 2021 I began the newsletter Textile Tales which pulls together textiles reference and research imagery from around the world into a fortnightly dispatch. Sign up for free or become a paid subscriber – with all proceeds going to charity.