Spacious weaving art form three artists

I am often trying to incorporate spaciousness and lightness into my 3D weaving. Like I am trying to create art forms with lots of empty space. My experiments haven’t come to much, yet, but, I will keep trying.

Here are some artists that do it beautifully with different weaving and textiles techniques.

Sui Park

Her work reminds me of natural forms and organic matter with a synthetic contrast. Wonderful, strange sea-creatures.

I don’t know what technique she uses, it looks like it emerges as is, and I think that is part of the beauty. Delicate yet strong. Formed but moving.

Saskia Saunders

This weaving artist creates wonderful, light hand woven wall hangings. They have just the right ‘falling-apart-ness’ and have a nice energy and movement to them. Art pieces that are on the edge of peeling away from the wall and fleeting away from you.

Ruth Asawa

The incredible American artist Ruth Asawa sadly passed away in 2013. I’m gutted I missed her exhibition in London a few years ago. I believe that seeing these large wire forms in person, with their incredible skill and then the life that they have on their own hanging / swaying in a space would be magical. I find them very meditative and inspiring.

I’m about to get creatively distracted watching all the videos on her site, and I suggest you do the same.

I will post more WIP images here, I will add some of my trials if I feel brave enough.

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